Single Axle Utility Trailer

Bye-Rite Trailers

Single axle utility trailers are commonly used to transport lawn mowers, small tractors, motorcycles, ATVs and other various pieces of equipment. They are also used to haul furniture, boxes, lumber, plants, sod, lawn care supplies, tools, debris and more.

At Bye-Rite, we start with a 3500 lb. American made axle. If you are looking for something that can haul a bit more, upgrade to our  tandem axle utility trailers. We use E-Z lube hubs and 15 inch 5 lug tires with a smooth steel fender. 

Once you decide to bring home your Bye-Rite utility trailer, you'll be using the 2 inch, 5000 lb. coupler that's attached to our A-frame tongue and a 2000 lb. top wind jack. We place our jacks far enough back so that you can easily open the tailgate of your vehicle without incident. You can upgrade to the heavy duty Bulldog coupler as well as a 7000 lb. jack. Another important upgrade we offer is the A-frame wrap tongue. The 3 inch channel we use to build the wrap tongue meets the frame of the trailer and wraps all the way back to the fenders giving your trailer extra strength and durability.

Single axle utility trailers come with angled steel 12 inch open side rails. You can add expanded metal to the sides. 

The standard trailer comes with a 4 foot removable ramp tailgate made from expanded metal, but we provide a variety of options and upgrades. We offer a 2 or 3 foot gate for better rear view visibility as well as a 2 foot dovetail with 2, 3 or 4 foot gate. A dovetail is an angled joist at the back of the trailer that allows for a better incline when loading tractors, lawn mowers and other low profile equipment. 

We also offer removable  slide in or stand up ramps for any trailer size.

Bye-Rite's single axle utility trailers are available in the following sizes: 5'X8', 5'X10', 5'X12', 5'X14', 6'X10', 6'X12', 6'X14' but we can add width or length to any trailer. 


Standard Features

G.A.W.R. - 3500 lb. G.V.W.R. - 3500 lb.
3500 lb. American Made Axle E-Z Lube Hubs
Spring Suspension 15 inch, 5 Lug Tires
Smooth Steel Fenders

Fender Side Steps

Pressure Treated Wood Floors 4' Removable Ramp Tailgate
2 inch 5000 lb. Coupler 2000 lb. Top Wind Jack
A-frame tongue 3" X 2" Angled Steel DOT Approved Safety Chains
Frame - 2" X 2" X 3/16" Angled Steel 12 inch Angled Steel Open Side Rails
Acrylic Enamel Black Paint 4- Way Flat Electrical Hookup
DOT Approved lighting Light Guards
License Plate Holder

Custom Upgrade Features

Brake Axle Breakaway Kit
15" 6 Lug Tires
Radial Tires
Expanded Metal Floor
Tread Plate Floor Slide In or Stand Up Ramps
Spring Assisted Gate
2' Dovetail with No Gate 2' Dovetail with 2' Gate

2' Dovetail with 3' Gate

2' Dovetail with 4' Gate

Heavy Duty Bull Dog Coupler
7000 lb. Top Wind Jack
Heavy Duty Bull Dog Jack A-Frame Wrap Tongue
Frame- 3" X 2" X 3/16" Angled Steel
2" X 2" X 3/16" Square Tube Top Rail 3" X 2" X 3/16" Square Top Side Rail
Expanded Metal Sides
Tread Plate Sides LED Lights
Spare Tire Spare Tire Mount
Weed Eater Rack Backpack Blower Mount

Expanded Metal Lockable Basket Swivel Side Wind Jack Legs
D-Rings  Stake Pockets
Motorcycle Wheel Mount Side Gate